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Can healthcare facilities be enchanting?

By By Cathryn Jakicic, Healthcare Industries Editor Health Care Facilities


According to an article on the Fast Company website, hospitals  can learn a thing or two from theme parks on how to improve their patients experiences. 

The technologies and narrative devices common at theme parks could be easily applied to hospitals, the article said, to help patients and visitors avoid being overwhelmed, bored, annoyed, confused, or frightened. 

Taking a "guest-first" approach, one hospital offers a computer system that gets to know guests and remembers them and their medical history. 

It allows the hospital to route a patient through an experience that feels relatively stress-free, intuitive, supportive and, most importantly, centered around them, the article said.  

Read the article.

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This Quick Read was submitted by Cathryn Jakicic, Healthcare Industries Editor, Facilities.net



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