Super Bowl Means Super Security Stadium Measures

  February 4, 2016

The security measures that government officials and the NFL are taking for Super Bowl 50 succeeds the outsized hype that leads up to the game.

A article described Sunday’s game between the Panthers and Broncos as one of the most highly guarded sporting events in U.S. history, in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif. Under U.S. federal guidelines, the Super Bowl ranks just below National Security Special Events, which include summits of world leaders and presidential inaugurations, in threats for attacks.

No specific or credible threats to Sunday’s game in San Francisco have been made, but safe is always better than sorry.

More than 60 government agencies are playing a role in securing the area for Sunday’s game. Some of the security measures include:

• The FBI will deploy commando-style SWAT teams, bomb experts and evidence collection technicians.

• FBI helicopters and planes will fly over the stadium and beef up security at game-related venues.

• The Department of Homeland Security is X-raying all cargo going into the stadium.

• A no-fly zone was imposed over Levi’s Stadium.

This Quick Read was submitted by Dave Lubach, Associate Editor of Facility Maintenance Decisions. Reach him at


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