Utility Vehicle Recall

Faulty Brake Line Leads to Utility Vehicle Recall

  February 13, 2020

By Naomi Millán

Utility vehicles from two different manufacturers are recalled due to a faulty rear brake line. Polaris and Bobcat have recalled about 1,640 vehicles because the rear brake line can become punctured, causing a brake failure which creates a collision and crash hazard. Polaris has received nine reports of rear brake failures, while Bobcat has received none. Neither manufacturer have received reports of injuries, according to U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recall number 20-715, 20-714, and 20-713.

The recall affects the Polaris Brutus DSL HD PTO and Brutus DSL HD PTO DLX in the 2017 and 2018 model years, Polaris PRO XD in the two- and four-seat configuration in the 2019 model year, and the Bobcat 3650 in the 2017 and 2018 model years. 

The Polaris Brutus vehicles were sold at dealers between May 2016 and April 2019, and the Polaris PRO XD between November 2017 and November 2019. The Bobcat vehicles were sold at dealers between May 2016 and February 2019. 

In all cases, facility managers with the recalled vehicles in their fleet are directed to remove them from use and contact a Polaris or Bobcat dealer for a free inspection and repair. Polaris can be reached at Polaris at 800-765-2747 or at their website. Bobcat can be reached at  800-743-4340 or at their website

Naomi Millán is senior editor of Building Operating Management. Go here for other recent recall notices.


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