Sustainable Interiors and Productivity

  January 5, 2011

The link between sustainable workplaces and employee productivity is getting stronger as more research is being done. A recent study, "Effects of Green Buildings on Employee Health and Productivity," from the School of Planning, Design, and Construction at Michigan State University surveyed two groups of employees who had moved from conventional office buildings to LEED-certified buildings. Among the findings:

•  The mean number of hours per month that respondents reported being absent due to allergies and asthma dropped from over an hour pre-move to about one-half hour post-move. Similarly, the mean number of hours survey participants reported being affected by allergies and asthma decreased 60 percent.

•  The mean number of hours per month respondents reported being absent due to depression and stress dropped from almost an hour pre-move to a little under half an hour post-move. The mean number of work hours affected by depression and stress decreased 30 percent.


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