Designing for Productivity and Green Strategies Overlap

  January 4, 2011

If you're designing a green interior space, keep in mind that many sustainable strategies also may increase worker productivity. Certain principles appear common across sites that aim for both green and productivity. These include:

•   Making greater use of open floor plans and workstations with fewer enclosed offices means space is used more efficiently. Additionally, collaboration is encouraged and any sense of unfairness that can occur when only some employees get offices is mitigated.

•  Providing a majority of employees with access to daylight. This cuts energy use and creates a more inviting workplace.

•  Incorporating segregated areas for smaller, impromptu meetings, as well as space for individual employees who need to concentrate.

•  Making greater use of task lighting. Reducing overhead lighting saves energy, while task lighting offers employees greater control over their workspaces. For the same reason, many new office designs make greater use of workspace temperature controls.

•  Implementing sound control systems. For employees to be productive, some sound control typically is needed in open offices.


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