bright signs

Case Study: Bright Graphics Share Hope

  November 10, 2021

The Family Nurturing Center is a nonprofit located in Cincinnati, OH, with a mission to end the cycle of child abuse by promoting individual well-being and healthy family relationships. 

Staff at the Family Nurturing Center work daily to create a world where children live free of all forms of abuse and violence through a full range of prevention and treatment programs. So as you can imagine, their work is sometimes challenging and dark. 

With the mission to create lasting change, the Family Nurturing Center wanted a bright environment that would facilitate healing and encourage hope. ASI was brought on to refresh the facility with a new graphics package. 

Upon consulting with the client, it was determined that the project’s goal was to create a space that provides encouragement, honors donors and gives daily inspiration. 

ASI designed large colorful graphics and spaces to facilitate sharing and uplifting the voices of children and families. Unique signage and graphics elements are woven into the space, such as writable vinyl, mailboxes with notes of hope and kindness, and anodized aluminum PerFORM grip bars to hold paper and images. 

Family Nurturing Center’s family-based services have an immense impact on the lives of children and families that they serve. Now, the space is bright and colorful which allows both staff and families to share positivity and hope. 


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