Canadian moose
Photo: Jayme Melnyk

Oh Deer: Moose Crashes Into Canadian School

  November 9, 2021

By Dave Lubach

Jayme Melnyk’s two-year-old son will have quite a show-and-tell story over the next few years. All he has to do is bring this photo to class every time and tell how this story unfolded. 

The youngster was dropped off at an early-learning center at Sylvia Fedoruk School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, on November 4 when he saw a moose running around outside his school. Then all of a sudden, the moose ran through a large, glass window into a large room. The giant animal fell to the ground in shock, according to Yahoo.  

The animal probably wasn’t the only breathing mammal that was shocked at the scene. 

“I was very calm about it,” Melnyk told the site. “It didn’t really faze me as much as it probably should have.” 

Nobody was seriously injured in the incident, and the story does have a happy ending. Conservation officers tranquilized the animal and brought it outside, where it was deemed in good condition and was eventually released outside the city. 

Here is a Twitter thread that described the scene.  

Dave Lubach is managing editor, facility group


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