Natural Gas Prices Expected to Skyrocket this Winter

  November 8, 2021

By Greg Zimmerman

Heating facilities this winter won’t be cheap. According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Winter Fuels Outlook, the Midwest can expect gas prices to increase as much as 45 percent over last year. Natural gas prices will be at a 13-year high.

The reasons for the huge price hike are many: For one, the supply chain issues that continue to disrupt just about all aspects of normal life are also having an effect on natural gas delivery. Secondly, natural gas supplies are still running behind as a result of the huge storm and cold snap in Texas and Oklahoma in February. And finally, demand for natural gas is expected to be at an all-time high this winter.

This increase in prices may speed the transition to the electrification of commercial buildings. A hugely informative report from the Rocky Mountain Institute lays out the economic case for building electrification. The report concludes that in almost every case, electrifying buildings can save owners money.

Greg Zimmerman is editor, Building Operating Management magazine and 


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