2016 World FM Day To Be Held July 13

  May 5, 2016

By Greg Zimmerman

This year’s World FM Day will be held July 13. World FM Day, hosted by Global FM, is an annual celebration of all the hard work facility managers put in throughout the year.

Building off last year’s theme of “building resilience for the future,” the theme of this year’s celebration is “Empowering people for a productive world.” The idea is to show how facility management is a about enabling, according to Duncan Waddell, Chairman of Global FM. By creating healthy, high-performance workplaces, FMs enable the world to be productive, and “we aim to highlight how we, as FM professionals, empower people to reach their full potential.”

The theme of the day dovetails with a particular focus for FMs in high-performance buildings, as they know occupants must be enabled and empowered to the goals of the building if those goals are to be achieved. Giving occupants a stake in the outcomes of the building gives them a sense of ownership, and helps FMs achieve their goals, whether as simple as better energy performance or as complex as a full-scale LEED certification.

This Quick Read was compiled by Greg Zimmerman, Executive Editor of Building Operating Management magazine, greg.zimmerman@tradepress.com. Read more from him about why operations and occupant cooperation are critical in high-performance buildings, especially net zero energy.


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