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Technology Shaping the Future of Buildings

From wearables to autonomous vehicles, six technologies will have dramatic effects on how facility managers do their jobs.

Technologies most would have thought little more than sci-fi as recently as 10 years ago are now on the cusp of reshaping the commercial real estate environment. Some, like virtual reality and drones, are already creating new capabilities and revolutionizing processes. Others, like wearables and autonomous vehicles, are still in beta, but are on the march towards wide adoption and high impact. Now is the time for FMs to think about leveraging the cutting edge offerings available today, and prepare for the cutting edge technology of tomorrow. 

Click on the links below to read the story about each technology. 

1. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality: Better Visualization Aids Operations

2. Machine Learning: Making Sense of Big Data

3. Electric Vehicles: Should Facility Managers Invest in High-Speed Charging?

4. Wearables: The Body Is The New Credential 

5. Drones: An Opportunity and a Challenge

6. Autonomous Vehicles: Lowering Demand For Facility Parking?




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