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Heat Pump

Fujitsu The J–II Series Airstage single–phase VRF is a heat-pump, serving ambient heating and cooling applications in a 3– to 5–ton size range. The J-II offers up to 19.8 SEER and 11.4 HSPF. Installers can connect up to nine indoor units to each condensing unit. With more than 11 types of indoor units, ranging in size from 7 kBTU to 60 kBTU.


Roofing Adhesive

Carlisle SynTec FAST Dual Tank Adhesive is a self–contained system for projects in which a rig or cart is not an option. Designed for bonding Carlisle's FleeceBACK membranes and/or insulation to a wide variety of substrates, the system is a two-component, low–rise polyurethane adhesive that facilitates a quick, quiet, low–odor application and provides superior wind uplift resistance. Spray tips, guns, and hoses are included in each A–side box.


Roofing Standard

Sika Sarnafil Sika Sarnafil sought NSF/ASNI 347 for its roofing membranes because it's a consensus-based standard that provides a yardstick for sustainability. The standard helps assure Sika Sarnafil's customers that its roofing products meet comprehensive requirements and have the least impact on the environment and society. Sarnafil S327 and G410 roofing membranes were the first products to achieve platinum certification.



Lencore Lencore's G875 Pendant Speaker is a direct-fired soundmasking speaker designed for open environments where aesthetics is a concern. Constructed of high quality plastic, the speaker delivers superior sound quality and comes with a gem box, which minimizes cable exposure for the client. The speaker can be mounted to the deck, the ceiling or a beam, and can also provide paging and music.


Switchgear Simulator

Russelectric Russelectric training simulators mimic the operation of a customer's Russelectric switchgear. Simulators are ideal for training personnel on the switchgear's automatic operation, diagnosing problems, developing procedures, and preparing for emergencies — all without disturbing the actual switchgear. Both a basic Training Simulator and an Advanced Training Simulator, which also facilitates training on manual operation, are available.


Dedicated Outdoor Air System

Mitsubishi PremiSys Fusion hybrid dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) systems deliver 100 percent outdoor air with over 20 percent greater efficiency than traditional DOAS systems. These systems maintain the quality, consistency, and value of standardized products while earning valuable LEED points.


Lamp Crusher

Air Cycle The Bulb Eater 3 with Intelli Technology crushes straight lamps of any length, CFLs, and u–tube lamps into 100 percent recyclable material while capturing over 99.99 percent of vapors released. This system will reduce labor, minimize storage space, & saves up to 50 percent on recycling costs.


BAS Controller

Automated Logic's PlantCTRL controller is an integral component of the WebCTRL Building Automation System. This factory–engineered, cutting-edge control solution offers algorithms designed to provide optimized control over all aspects of a chiller plant, coordinating the control of chillers, pumps and towers into a finely tuned, cohesive system.


Water Heater

Rinnai Rinnai's Demand Duo propane–powered commercial hybrid water heating system was designed to easily handle large spikes of hot water use, making it ideal for hotels, apartments, restaurants, and more. Combining 96 percent efficient tankless technology with a 119–gallon storage tank, it delivers 315 gallons in the first hour.


Hand Dryer

Excel Dryer The XLERATOR Hand Dryer is the original, patented, high-speed, energy–efficient hand dryer manufactured by Excel Dryer. XLERATOR dries hands completely in 10 seconds, three times faster than conventional dryers, while using 80 percent less energy. The XLERATOR represents a 95 percent cost savings compared to paper towels, eliminating their labor, maintenance and waste, while creating a more hygienic restroom environment.


Shade Cloth

MechoSystems The SoHo Collection, a finely woven textile featuring distinctive color themes for use with roller shades, has a 2 by 2 basket weave in three different openness factors with a smooth texture and a soft hand. The GreenGuard Gold recognized collection features 12 contemporary colors and is 98 inches wide.


Fire Notification Appliance

Tyco SimplexGrinnell Tyco SimplexGrinnell is introducing a new family of SIMPLEX TrueAlert ES fire alarm notification appliances built with advanced LED technology to improve efficiency and enable compliance with the latest NFPA code requirements for flash duration and strobe synchronization.


Metal Panel

Centria The unique single–panel design of CENTRIA's MetalWrap Series insulated composite back-up panel makes it the best choice to provide thermal and moisture protection for building exteriors with metal, brick or terra cotta by eliminating the need for traditional multi–component back-up systems.

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