By Edward Sullivan, Editor  

The last thing facility executives need is one more thing to do. That obvious fact is something editors periodically ignore when we ask readers for their time. A phone interview is one thing, but to ask a busy facility executive to carve out half a day or more to join a roundtable discussion or other event — well, let’s just say that anyone who has ever made a cold call knows that the result is sometimes a cold shoulder.

It’s not just editors, of course. Anyone sponsoring an industry event does the same thing. And we’re all promising one reward: networking. Is networking a practical benefit? Based on one of our recent roundtables, I’d have to say the answer is yes. Consider these three practical payoffs:

  1. During the discussion, participants talked about challenges they face. Not surprisingly, their peers sometimes had suggestions to offer — suggestions that often led to other suggestions in an exchange of ideas that benefited all sides.
  2. Three facility executives are using the same real estate software system. An update is on the way; now they have peers to compare notes with.
  3. One participant knew that a pending reorganization might eliminate his position. It did. But now senior facility executives from several large organizations know that he’s looking for a job and has experience in technical areas like energy efficiency and data centers, plus experience as a BOMI instructor.

Most facility executives who participate in an industry event come away with at least one of those rewards — and that payoff is generally enough to keep them coming back for more.

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  posted on 11/1/2005   Article Use Policy

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