Supplier Spotlight

July 2018 Supplier Spotlight


TPO Adhesive/Primer

Carlisle SynTec Carlisle SynTec Systems’ revolutionary CAV-GRIP III Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer can be used for bonding standard TPO membranes to horizontal substrates and for bonding standard TPO and EPDM and all FleeceBACK membranes to vertical walls. CAV-GRIP III is quick and easy to apply, providing up to 60 percent labor savings, and can be used in temperatures as low as 25 F.


Hand Dryer

Excel Dryer Excel Dryer’s new, expanded and enhanced product line—featuring the EPD Certified XLERATOR, XLERATOReco and ThinAir Hand Dryers—facilitates the design of the very best hand drying solution for any restroom environment. Enhanced standard features include adjustable speed and sound controls, adjustable heat settings, an externally visible Service LED and multi-voltage options.


Solar Roofing

Sika Sarnafil The Sika SolaRoof is a comprehensive, integrated solar solution incorporating the proven performance of Sarnafil roof assemblies with the Sika SolarMount-1 — an innovative, non-penetrating, engineered solution for long-term securement of solar rooftop photovoltaic. Sika SolarMount-1 is a lightweight, aerodynamic mounting system for the installation of rigid PV panels on low slope Sarnafil thermoplastic roofs.


Handwashing Station

Bradley's all-in-one WashBar features touchless clean+rinse+dry hand washing technology that saves time and money. The maintenance friendly design eliminates the need for paper towels, along with frequent waste bin emptying, soap dispenser refilling and wet floor mopping. Its adjustable-speed hand dryer is 96 percent less expensive than paper towels. The WashBar is available with Bradley’s streamlined Verge wash basins and prefabricated OmniDecks.



Sherwin Williams Extreme Block Primer/Sealer has a versatile indoor/outdoor formula that makes this product a powerful tool in blocking the toughest stains. The primer/sealer seals off stubborn stains from smoke, fire and nicotine and blocks tannin bleed from bare wood. The quick-dry alkyd coating can prime the surface and be topcoated in as little as two hours, helping facility managers quickly restore properties to a fresh condition. Extreme Block adheres to a variety of substrates including wood, drywall, masonry and properly prepared metal, and applies in a smooth, uniform manner.


Rooftop Evaluation Software

Versico Roofing Systems Versico Roofing Systems offers True Roof Rater, a rooftop evaluation software for creating quick, easy and customizable rooftop evaluation reports. It features a GPS satellite image and detailed pictures of crucial rooftop components. Also included is a comprehensive description of potential performance issues, the critical nature of those issues, as well as recommendations on how to repair potential problem areas.


Mobile Dashboard

ARC ARC Mobile Facilities Dashboards saves facility teams time and money by delivering building information at their fingertips. Through digitizing and organizing building documents, including as-builts, warranties and manuals, ARC creates customized, easy-to-use mobile dashboards that teams can point, click and swipe on their phones, increasing productivity and reducing risk.


Hand Dryer

Bobrick For best-in-class sustainability and economy, choose the lowest wattage high-speed dryer on the market: Bobrick’s new B-7125 InstaDry hand dryer. Operating at just 200 watts (0.2 kW), InstaDry is ideal for high-traffic environments.


Natural Gas Generator

Generac A natural combination for standby power. An abundant and cost-effective resource, natural gas runs 90 percent cleaner than diesel. It’s efficient too, enabling longer run times with no fuel storage or spillage to worry about. What’s more, it scales easily in a Modular Power System that grows as you grow. Your facility probably has natural gas service in place already.


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