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Facilities Professionals Deserve Recognition

Facility management is a behind-the-scenes role and professionals often aren't recognized for their hard work - and we aim to change that.

By Dan Weltin, Editor-in-Chief  

We all know that impressions matter. Occupants and visitors notice whether the temperature is too hot or cold, if the building isn't clean or lights are burned out. Unfortunately, when everything is going right, these same people aren't likely to say, "Wow, the facility manager is doing a great job!" 

Facility management is a behind-the-scenes role and professionals often aren't recognized for their hard work. That's something we set out to change when we launched the Facility Champion Award earlier this year — and the industry agreed with us.  

We were amazed by the number of entries we received in the program's inaugural year. There were so many worthy entries that our editorial team struggled to whittle down the field to the eight winners, but I think you’ll agree with our choices.  

The 2022 Facility Champions come from different backgrounds, service a variety of facilities and span the spectrum of career experience. However, they share traits such as ambition, tenacity, and empathy. All have a solid work ethic and demonstrate standout leadership.  

For example, when a sewer line is sabotaged, Champions work long hours to repair it. They aren’t content with energy saving goals, but continually strive to surpass them. They find ways to improve staff productivity and achieve success despite limited resources. When it comes to spending, Champions keep multi-million-dollar projects on scope and within budget, or even bring over-budget projects back down to reality.   

If you know someone who fits these descriptions and is deserving of recognition, we’ll be running this program again next year. In the meantime, this year’s Facility Champions will be recognized among their peers at NFMT Remix in Las Vegas at the Paris Las Vegas Resort. Honorees will take part in a facility manager roundtable during an education session on Nov 2.  

Winners have also been profiled in an eBook published on facilitiesnet.com.

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