FM Pulse Salary Survey: How Much Do Facilities Managers Make?

FM Pulse Salary Survey: How Much Do Facilities Managers Make?

Fourth part of a four-part article that takes the pulse of the FM industry, including our annual salary survey.

By David Lewellen  
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Methodology for our annual FM Pulse salary survey is as follows: Information for the survey was gathered through a series of emails from FacilitiesNet the website of Building Operating Management and Facility Maintenance Decisions magazines. Data were submitted during August, September, and October 2016 and included 2,204 responses. Salary and raise information is reported as the median amount. The median indicates a middle point of data. Half who responded earned less than the median, while half earned more. Numbers that are extremely high or low do not distort it. Some charts may not add to 100 percent because of rounding. The following four charts illustrate our findings.

1. Salaries By Job Title

2. Salaries By Region of the Country


3. Raises in FM Departments By Organization Type

Raises for FMs have varied significantly by building type over the past four years, leading to big disparities in overall pay increases. For example, FM Pulse data shows that corporate FMs got raises every year, while state goverment FMs averaged increases of 0 percent for the first three years.

4. Pay And Building Type


More FM Salary Info: To find specific salary data based on multiple factors like title, region, and so on, use the salary search function at facilitiesnet.com/careercenter





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