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North Dakota Announces Interstate Electric Vehicle Charging Plan

North Dakota plans to install charging stations every 50 miles apart along two interstates.   August 31, 2022

By Dave Lubach, Managing Editor

North Dakota’s Department of Transportation unveiled its plan to install electric vehicle charging stations along two interstate highways. 

The state announced a network of charging stations along Interstate 94 and Interstate 29 corridors for charging, according to a North Dakota website, InForum. The plan, according to the article, is to install 18 charging stations about 50 miles apart along the interstate, with the stations spread about 50 miles apart and within a mile of exits. 

To prepare the nation for the increasing use of electric vehicles, the U.S. Department of Transportation is encouraging states to build charging networks along their major highways. As charging stations increase, the idea is that electric vehicles will become more appealing to drivers. 

While rising gas prices and environmental concerns have steered more people toward electric vehicles, many are concerned about their viability. Among the reasons drivers are hesitant to go electric include the performance of batteries in cold weather – an obvious concern in North Dakota much of the year. 

AAA reports, according to the article, state a case that electric vehicles are increasing in appeal. Its 2022 car guide ranks six electric or hybrid vehicles in its top 10. An AAA survey indicates that one-fourth of drivers are interested in purchasing an electric model as their next option, the article states. 

The North Dakota efforts are not expected to begin construction until 2024 and 2025.  

Dave Lubach is Managing Editor, Facility Market. 


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