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Supermarket Keeps Customers Engaged in Sustainability Practices

QA Graphics

Hy-Vee operates 236 supermarket and drugstores in eight Midwestern states and is working to more fully engage its customers, employees and supply chain in its efforts to become more sustainable in how it builds, operates and stocks its stores.

To meet its sustainability goals, Hy-Vee has prioritized its efforts around five key areas: green building, energy and resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling, products and sourcing, and packaging and the supply chain.

All new stores are designed to achieve LEED certification. New stores include a number of sustainable features, including concrete floors, extensive use of natural and efficient lighting, and on-site electric vehicle charging stations. A number of energy monitoring and reduction strategies are used to enhance building energy efficiency. Programs are also in place for the recycling of a variety of materials, including construction waste, store consumables and a food recovery program in which a large amount of edible food is donated, while inedible food is diverted from landfills. Hy-Vee is also increasing its focus on sourcing local, sustainable, and natural and organic products.

To keep consumers informed, Hy-Vee looked to QA Graphics to develop Hy-Vee360, a website dedicated to sustainability and healthy living, and Sustainable Building Dashboards, which are interactive touch screen displays located at all new store locations. Hy-Vee360 provides detailed information about company-wide sustainability efforts, while the healthy living section provides information about Hy-Vee’s efforts to help customers adopt more healthy lifestyles. The website also features a frequently asked questions section and a blog highlighting the latest news on both fronts.

Displayed at eight, and soon to be 11, Midwest stores, the Sustainable Building Dashboards provide a 3D layout of a store showing where sustainable features can be found. Interactive demonstrations illustrate how daylighting, cool roofs and car charging stations function. A checklist details how each store was designed to meet LEED certification guidelines. Real-time data illustrates how much electricity is being used throughout the store and also provides energy savings comparisons.

posted:  6/30/2014