legionella bacteria

Legionella Bacteria Found in Hospital

  November 26, 2018

By Cathryn Jakicic

As reports of Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease continue to crop up regularly nationwide, managers in institutional and commercial facilities have begun revisiting their organizations’ preparations for such emergencies. Outbreaks of the illness can be especially problematic in health care facilities, where patient health already is compromised.

Consider the case of New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Queens, N.Y., , where Legionella bacteria recently was discovered, according to NBC New York. The bacteria was found in a portion of the campus’ North Building but not in any other hospital buildings. The hospital disinfected the water while implementing water restrictions.

“It is important to note that the water supply of many large buildings and hospitals often contains small amounts of legionella bacteria, and most people who are exposed to legionella will not become ill,” according to a hospital announcement. ”The disease is contracted by breathing in water droplets contaminated with the bacteria. The Legionella bacteria usually can be traced to plumbing systems, where conditions are favorable for its growth.”

Cathryn Jakicic is healthcare industries editor of FacilitiesNet.com. For more information on hospital campuses and other medical facilities, click here.


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