How Dangerous Are Faulty Elevators, Really?

  February 29, 2016

By Greg Zimmerman

When a facility elevator goes down – er, breaks - most occupants view it is a minor inconvenience, requiring them to either (gasp!) take the stairs, or wait a bit longer for the other still-functioning elevators.

But what if a broken elevator is literally dangerous? That’s the case, apparently, at the Lake County Jail, according to this story in the Chicago Tribune. The article points out that in December, 18 corrections officers were stuck in an elevator for 25 minutes, and because of radio dead zones, were unable to radio for help. Rescue by ladder was required.

At another time, broken elevators delayed the response to an attack by an inmate on an officer. So, quite literally, broken elevators at this facility are more than just a minor annoyance; they’re a major danger.

This Quick Read was submitted by Greg Zimmerman, Executive Editor of Building Operating Management magazine,

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