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Commissioning Data Centers To Ensure Energy Efficiency

What are some tips for effectively commissioning data centers to ensure they perform as efficiently as they were designed?

Don’t let the commissioning agent try to break the system! Past experiences with new or inexperienced commissioning agents found some folks imposing loads on systems that are excessive, cause damage and prevent the data center from realizing business operations as scheduled. The most important advice is to select a commissioning agent that has a track record, tenured field personnel, and evidence to proven experience. Additionally, ensure the installing electrical contractor performs and documents testing of conductors and breakers prior to energizing any equipment. This includes having the engineer of record clearly outlining the test requirements including breaker test requirements likely from 300A and above. One caveat, the owner must be aware of the cost associated with testing breaker on equipment supplied from manufactures including UPS, PDU, STS, ATS, etc. where securing factory test report preserves capital, product warranties and field labor to pull and reinstall.

Answers provided by Paul Mihm, PE, executive vice president, Rubicon Professional Services

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Commissioning Data Centers To Ensure Energy Efficiency

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