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JLL and Nomad Partner to Train Next Generation of Facilities Workers

Data centers can attract new talent.

By Larry Bernstein, Contributing Writer  

Data centers are experiencing explosive growth driven primarily by digital technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), with  experts predicting the market will double by 2030. As the industry expands, the need to find facility workers grows. JLL, along with the Nomad Futurist Foundation, has developed a free educational training program to train the next generation of digital and technical talent.   

“We work internally to develop staff that can serve in facilities management for data centers and recruit wherever possible,” says Sean Farney, Vice President, Data Center Strategy, at JLL. “We see this program as another opportunity to grow the talent pool.” 

Finding and Retaining Students 

The program is geared towards high school students and those without access to sufficient resources. The ideal candidate is interested in mechanical and electrical systems and IT. An aptitude for these things is helpful.  The program, which will be offered in-person or online, includes more than 100 different topic areas. 

Nomad has developed incentives to encourage students to complete the program. They include a certification they can put on their resume, course credits, networking, contests, mentorships, and potential prizes. 

“To help attract students, we want to package the message in a way they are more receptive to, on channels they know, like, and trust,” says Nabeel Mahmood, co-founder of Nomad. “This age group is receptive to learning and finding a purpose.” 

The team plans to create viral video hooks to use in shorts, stories, and reels on channels like YouTube, Instagram & TikTok.   

JLL and Nomad are hopeful the program will grow the talent pool as the program aims to reach underserved people who might not otherwise join the industry. All are welcome.  

“We can’t hire enough folks,” Farney says, “Everyone we add is a great add to the industry.”  

Larry Bernstein is a freelance writer based in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.  

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  posted on 5/29/2024   Article Use Policy

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