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Keep Your Eye on Data Center Energy Efficiency Trends

Overall, what are some major trends in data energy efficiency managers should keep their eyes on?

With the adoption of the ASHRAE TC9.9 environmental criteria, legacy service level agreements should be revisited and changed so as to reduce potential financial impacts when thresholds are exceeded as most new IT equipment is designed per this criteria. And, if branch level circuit monitoring is not employed, a data center manager should consider field install kits for PDUs and networkable power strips. Monitoring cabinet level power consumption saves the heartburn from overzealous IT folks loading cabinets beyond the power & cooling capabilities. Lastly, if an energy audit and infrastructure assessment has not been completed while IT equipment refreshes have occurred, data center managers will find the assessment by an experienced third party to prove capital well spent toward ensuring reliability and preservation IT performance.

Answers provided by Paul Mihm, PE, executive vice president, Rubicon Professional Services

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Keep Your Eye on Data Center Energy Efficiency Trends

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