Choosing a Specialty Ceiling

ceiling, clouds, mineral board, fiberglass   January 28, 2009

Many organizations are trying to get away from traditional grid ceilings and what they feel is a “commodity” look. So facility executives are faced with the challenge of finding the right specialty ceiling.

To some organizations, that may just mean a square grid ceiling as opposed to an outdated-looking rectangle grid. If that’s not enough, manufacturers now make grid ceilings with panels that hide the grid for a more clean, uniform look.

Facility executives should also consider wood or metal ceiling tiles if the organization wants an upscale look. Some offer the same acoustic and access benefits as mineral board ceilings with the ease of grid installation.

The open-plenum ceiling trend can make work difficult for facility occupants, especially in open-office settings. Specialty ceiling installations, such as shapes of ceiling hung from wires floating above the space (also called clouds), will give the space badly needed acoustic benefits while keeping the open-plenum look.  


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