Evaluating Ceiling Longevity

By Naomi Millán, Associate Editor  
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Consider what ceilings will have to withstand as far as environment and access.

Increases in ambient humidity, such as when the HVAC is shut off for extended periods of time, can distort some ceiling tiles. What’s more, condensation from ductwork can cause occasional drips onto ceiling tiles.

Then there’s wear and tear due to access. If frequent access into the plenum is foreseen, consider selecting tougher tiles that can withstand being dragged across the grid. Or tiles can be made to hinge down, like a door.

Durability can be a special consideration in the public spaces of a facility. “In bigger public spaces, people can be rude and abusive, so you might need a ceiling that is physically more durable,” says Ron Rice, ceiling business unit manager with Hunter Douglas. Rudeness can include objects being thrown at the ceiling, like pencils.

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Evaluating Ceiling Finishes

Evaluating Ceiling Acoustics

Evaluating Ceiling Longevity

Evaluating Ceiling Sustainability

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