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Transfer Switches - Emerson Network Power - Facility Management Product Release

Emerson Network Power
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ASCO power transfer switches can simulate normal source power failures to facilitate special testing of emergency power systems that is now required by 2005 NFPA 110. 7000 Series Controller programming has been adapted for the transfer switches to accommodate the extended, four-hour tests the new NFPA requirements mandate at least every three years. The time delay range on re-transfer to the normal source, which determines test duration, can be adjusted from one second to a full 10 hours for maximum flexibility. During this time the engine generator is operating with its normal connected load. The 7000 Series controller keypad can be used to quickly change the normal time delay setting to four or more hours to conduct the required test. The settings can easily be changed back to the original settings after completing the test.


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posted: 2/21/2007