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Stand-On Mower Features Year-Round Versatility - The Toro Co. - Facility Management Product Release

Stand-On Mower Features Year-Round Versatility: The Toro Co.

The Toro Co.
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Toro is bringing four-season versatility to its stand-on mower line with the all-new GrandStand Multi Force featuring a BOSS snow plow attachment. The new models allow operators to switch between a mowing deck and a snowplow with a simple change of attachments.

Perfect for clearing snow from sidewalks, the GrandStand Multi Force is equipped with a unique movable caster assembly that shortens the frame to maximize the performance of each attachment. This makes the machine more maneuverable and effective for removing snow. In addition, once Toro’s Quick Attach System is setup, users can switch from a mowing deck to a snowplow in minutes.

Attachments for the GrandStand Multi Force connect to a Power Arm that is able to lift more than 18 inches, allowing an operator to push snow up and over curbs.

According to Ross Hawley, senior marketing manager for The Toro Company, Toro partnered with BOSS to design the GrandStand Multi Force with productivity, safety and durability in mind. “This design draws upon the collective experience of both teams, leading to a better result,” he says. “Designing when and how the plow blade trips over an obstacle was a critical part of the collaboration.”

The GrandStand Multi Force also offers all the advantages of Toro’s traditional GrandStand stand-on mower, including a large, comfortable operator platform with smooth suspension, outstanding visibility, and a smaller footprint that's easy to transport. Both new models are equipped with Toro’s 7-gauge steel Turbo Force mowing deck, which delivers a pristine after-cut appearance.

“The GrandStand Multi Force gives our customers a way to do more with one machine, instead of needing dedicated equipment for each season,” Hawley says. “The result is added equipment utilization and higher productivity.”

Customers can choose either a 52-inch or a 60-inch Turbo Force deck with a 60-inch BOSS snowplow. Additional options and attachments are planned for the future.


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posted: 12/11/2015