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Utility Vehicle Accessories Expand Grounds Operations

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Many new utility vehicles are designed to handle a range of attachments, making them even more flexible. Popular utility vehicle accessories include sprayers with tanks as large as 200 gallons, spreaders, hydraulic dump beds, toolboxes, pressure washers, air compressors, groomers, rakes, topdressers, aerators cabs with heaters, debris blowers, vertical lifts, hitches, and snow plows. But prior to purchase, managers need to carefully consider attachment needs and options.

Managers need to be aware that some units are made to handle utility vehicle accessories from other manufacturers, while others only support attachments made by the vehicle’s manufacturer.

Easy installation is a key to using utility vehicle accessories. Manufacturers are working hard to make the process of adding and changing attachments as smooth as possible. Some now offer drive-on mower decks, as well as front- and rear-mounting systems that require no tools. The driver does not even need to leave the seat. But before purchasing utility vehicle accessories, managers should check out their durability, maintainability, and performance.

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