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Multimeter - Fluke Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Multimeter: Fluke Corp.

Fluke Corp.
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The 116 HVAC multimeter with built-in thermometer and microamps measurement capability helps users troubleshoot problems with HVAC equipment and flame sensors. The compact true-rms meter is designed for one-hand operation with an easy-to-read display and a white LED backlight.

It features a dual impedance design with the LoZ low impedance function, which reduces the chance of false readings due to ghost voltage. It includes a minimum/maximum/average function for recording signal fluctuations, and other features for performing a wide range of tests, such as:

* Measuring superheat and subcooling. With a Fluke Velcro pipe clamp and a Fluke PV350 pressure module, users can determine superheat and subcooling values. They also can detect problems, such as a clogged filter drier, undercharge, overcharge, faulty metering devices or improper airflow, liquid line restriction or insufficient water flow.
* Troubleshooting the defrost control on a heat pump. Users can check the temperature of the air coil and confirm when the defrost cycle starts and ends.
* Testing flame sensors. The unit’s microamps measurement helps users troubleshoot the flame rod circuit.
* Taking temperature surveys. User can test out compressor heads, oil sumps, evaporator coils and suction lines, plus discharge lines, condenser coils and the liquid line.

The 116/62 HVAC technician’s combo kit includes the 116 HVAC multimeter, Fluke 62 mini infrared thermometer, Fluke 80AK thermocouple adapter, Fluke 80BK integrated temperature probe, ToolPak magnetic meter hanger, Velcro pipe clamp thermocouple and test leads.


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posted: 11/23/2006