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Motor Test System - Sakor Technologies Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Motor Test System: Sakor Technologies Inc.

Sakor Technologies Inc.
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The DynoLAB EM helps users test electric motors and other rotating electrical devices, including alternators, starters, pumps, and generators. It can perform engineering evaluation, durability cycling, quality control validation, and in-use simulation. It integrates different aspects of a test system, including different types of motoring and absorbing dynamometers, AC/DC power supplies, Hi-Pot and surge testers, precision resistance measurement, passive and active electrical loads, and flow and pressure control.

Coupled with an Accudyne AC motoring dynamometer, the system is capable of direct measurement of parameters, such as true no-load speed and current, cogging torque, bearing and windage losses, and back-EMF generation.


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posted: 4/9/2007