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Motor Control - Eaton's Electrical Business - Facility Management Product Release

Motor Control: Eaton's Electrical Business

Eaton's Electrical Business
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Eaton’s FlashGard Low Voltage Motor Control Center addresses the dangers of an arc flash event, helping prevent injury from electric shock, arc-flash burn and arc-blast impacts.

The device uses an insulated horizontal bus, an insulated labyrinth vertical bus, shutters to isolate the vertical bus when a unit is removed and finger-safe components inside the units. To reduce the time-available fault current, the system uses an arc-reduction maintenance switch and a breaker-feeding motor control center to reduce "trip time” during an arc flash.

It comes with an optional, remotely operated racking device so that an operator may advance and retract the stabs from a distance of up to 25 feet. For additional protection, FlashGard also includes a freewheeling racking mechanism that prevents overtorquing, and an interlock preventing removal of the buckets while the stabs are engaged on the vertical bus.

The three-position retractable stabs can be set in connect, test, and disconnect positions. It offers an electronic-protected, fuseless, 24 volts DC control and an internal unit shutter to isolate from the vertical bus while in the test position.


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posted: 7/26/2007