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Mobile, Secure Access Products Improve Security Efforts - FST Biometrics - Facility Management Product Release

Mobile, Secure Access Products Improve Security Efforts: FST Biometrics

FST Biometrics
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FST Biometrics released two products — one wireless and one portable —each designed to supplement the important work of security personnel.

IMID Mobile is a smartphone application that delivers FST's award-winning IMID technology to personal devices, while IMID Rapid provides an end-to-end, ruggedized and portable solution to quickly secure access to contained areas, such as crime scenes and senior government official press conferences.

“Each of these new products demonstrates the flexibility of our technology and represents an expansion of our secure access capabilities,” says Arie Melamed, CMO of FST Biometrics. “We are being responsive to our users and adapting IMID to fit their needs. We can now offer truly mobile and portable applications of our biometric secure access solution.”

The IMID Mobile smartphone application complements the IMID Access system and can be installed onto smartphones of security guards, school security personnel and parking garage guards, bringing mobility to the secure access experience.

IMID Mobile identifies authorized users based on a unique fusion of biometric identifiers including facial and behavioral recognition. Security personnel can now identify authorized users via the IMID Mobile app, providing a seamless secure access experience.

“When performing security checks throughout a facility, guards are limited to their own memory and knowledge,” Melamed says. “IMID Mobile provides key supplemental information to security personnel — recognizing authorized users or alerting in the case of unauthorized users — all on the guard's personal mobile device.”

IMID Rapid incorporates FST Biometrics' award-winning IMID Access solution into a well- protected end-to-end portable product that will hold up to outdoor elements. All of the hardware and software needed to secure a specific location is included. A security team can complete assembly and secure an area within ten minutes.

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posted: 11/10/2015