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Manual Sliding Door is Compact and Modular - DORMA Americas - Facility Management Product Release

Manual Sliding Door is Compact and Modular: DORMA Americas

DORMA Americas
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MUTO manual sliding door system makes installation hassle-free with its compact, modular profile and easy integration of complementary functional elements. It offers a variety of features to provide convenience in everyday use. With aluminum finishes including clear anodized, similar to satin stainless steel anodized, and powder coat options, MUTO can be matched to virtually any architectural interior.   DORMA’s MUTO line includes the MUTO Basic and MUTO Comfort systems. Both offer technical features and aesthetic qualities that make them ideal solutions for a wide variety of applications.   DORMA’s MUTO system features a self-closing door with no need for a power supply. The DORMOTION damping device decelerates door panels as they approach the open or closed positions, taking them to a gentle stop. Integrating a status indicator to enable monitoring of the door from anywhere within the building is an option. Standard wall and ceiling mounting and installation in suspended ceilings is possible.

Other features include an elegant body with sharp edges and a small recess for the logo clip, simple 2-step door panel height adjustment, and TLG (tempered laminated safety glass)—with availability of special interlayers for advanced function and customized glass design.

The door system has variable weight tolerances and movement patterns, which range from small single panels of 110 lb (50 kg) or bi-parting panels up to 330 lb (150 kg) per panel (as high as 440 lb (200 kg) in MUTO Basic) and capable of synchronized movement.   MUTO Comfort comes standard with roller carriers for glass and, with the appropriate adapters, can also carry wood door panels. In the MUTO Basic system, the roller carriers directly attach to wood door panels, while adapters allow the use of glass panels.   As door requirements change, the damping and status indicator equipment of MUTO Basic can be retrofitted into the MUTO Comfort profile from the front. Telescopic moving panels for extra wide openings with limited lateral space are a suitable solution for MUTO Comfort.   Both MUTO Basic and MUTO Comfort also include “clamp and glue” technology, offering a reliable solution for the application of TLG without any need for glass preparation. Retaining fittings are glued to either side of the glass surface, providing a secure, lasting hold—which is especially important considering the kinetic energy of sliding doors. This feature eliminates the danger of bubbles around the clamping area, prevents interlayers from being squeezed out, and reduces the risk of glass breakage.


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posted: 1/18/2017