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Gas-insulated Switchgear - Schneider Electric - Facility Management Product Release

Gas-insulated Switchgear: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric
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CBGS-0 is a gas-insulated switchgear with solid dielectric busbar for applications up to 38 kilovolts, 2,000 A and 31.5kA. CBGS-0 has been designed to meet the needs of indoor substations, which serve a vital purpose in the broader trend of urbanization and the growth of industry. This switchgear is meant for heavy industries: water and wastewater facilities, mining, chemical, petrochemical, utilities, wind farms, data centers and traction substations. CBGS-0 includes a grounded and shielded solid insulated bus system, installed in the top rear part of the switchgear, outside the SF6 compartment — this means no gas handling is required during installation, expansions or section replacement. Shielded Solid insulation and sealed-for-life gas tank protect the medium voltage components from aggressive atmospheres, dirt, dust and vermin. The materials used also inhibit oxidation in the busbar and circuit breaker compartments and provide for a stable gas system. The compact and modular switchgear is significantly smaller than legacy models — reducing floor space needed by up to 60 percent — and is maintenance-free for ten years, or 10,000 cycles.


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posted: 8/13/2018