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Fiber Optic Skylight - Huvco Daylighting Solutions - Facility Management Product Release

Fiber Optic Skylight: Huvco Daylighting Solutions

Huvco Daylighting Solutions
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Flexible fiber optic cable with a smaller diameter than a pencil can be used inside walls and floors to bring natural light where it is needed. The Fiber Optic Skylight system was developed in Sweden and introduced in the U.S. by Huvco.

The exterior-mounted panel has 64 computer-controlled lenses inside the skylight that rotate to track the sun throughout the day. These lenses focus the sunlight into the optical fibers, which are bundled into 6 mm optical cables and are used to transport the natural light as far as 60 feet. Hybrid luminaries are also available that combine natural light with electric light fixtures.


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posted: 3/31/2008