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Exit Bar - Automated Lock System - Facility Management Product Release

Exit Bar: Automated Lock System

Automated Lock System
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This automated panic bar from Automated Lock, is the APB-2400, a UL-listed stainless steel panic bar designed to automate a doors ingress/egress to a commercial and/or multi-tenant building. It is a lithium battery-operated, programmable panic bar with a standard rim cylinder intended to retrofit an existing panic bar or exit device.

The unit is equipped with a micro-controller circuit board that controls a motor to lock/unlock a door at pre-determined dates and times that are set using proprietary Windows-based calendar scheduling software located on a non-dedicated PC or laptop.

The calendar software accounts for daylight savings time, leap year, and nationally recognized holidays. Schedules are programmed and stored on a mini-SD card located on the micro-controller inside the panic bar, eliminating the need for a PC or laptop at the door, or having to remove the bar to make schedule changes. When the panic bar is in the unlock position there are not any restrictions to exit.

In the locked position, one can exit the building by pushing on the panic bar from inside. If desired, a key can be manually used to lock/unlock the door from the outside. ALS also offers reporting and exporting capabilities of lock/unlock sequences.


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posted: 4/1/2008