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Door Mounted Sensor - Nabco Entrances Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Nabco Entrances Inc.
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The Acugard 3 LE is designed as an affordable way to to add extra pedestrian protection to low energy swing doors. The product is a bar type sensor that can be mounted on the approach side of the door to prevent it from closing on slower moving traffic, such as the elderly or handicapped, until they are through the entrance and completely out of the path of the door. It can also be mounted on the swing side to stop the door from opening in the event that someone is in the swing path while a pedestrian is approaching.

The product handles AC or DC power sources allowing interface with the company's low energy, ADA GT 710 and GT 500 swing doors and the low energy equipment of other manufacturers. Multiple time delay settings allow installers to adjust for the varying requirements of the application such as hold open time. The detection pattern depth is also adjustable and allows optimization of door performance.


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posted: 6/4/2007