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Anti-graffiti coating - APV Engineered Coatings - Facility Management Product Release

Anti-graffiti coating: APV Engineered Coatings

APV Engineered Coatings
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VYNGUARD Anti-Graffiti is a 2-component chemistry available in a solvent or water base with a high solids content and cross-link density. It provides a superior, long-term barrier to plasticizer migration while remaining flexible. It allows the surface to resist Sharpie marker, Ketchup, mustard, coffee, blue jean dye, coffee, betadine, and more. It is also highly resistant to algae and fungal growth, abrasions, marring, burnishing, and UV degradation, making the finish acceptable for outdoor performance. Once cured, Anti-Graffiti can accept an emboss without compromising the integrity of the finish. The gloss can be adjusted from ultra matte to high gloss depending on the desired look.


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posted: 1/3/2018