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Access Control - TAC - Facility Management Product Release

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Aimed at critical government and public sector security applications, the Web-enabled ACX Series controllers provide access control for one to eight doors over the Ethernet and supports up to 480,000 personnel records and are compatible with distributed applications.

With the ACX Series, users have the ability to:

- Adjust access rights automatically when condition or threat levels change. The condition level may be set manually at a workstation or automatically through program control.

- Lock down areas in response to potential threats, including sealing off areas, disabling card readers and other measures. Lockdown can be initiated manually or automatically.

- Apply encryption via 192-bit Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) and Internet Key Exchange Protocol (IKE) to ensure tamper-proof communications between Andover Continuum controllers and workstations.

Along with the other recent Andover Continuum introductions, the new ACX Series is designed to conform to new U.S. government standards under Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, and the related Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201.


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posted: 5/1/2007