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The Benefits of Pairing An Access Control System With A CCTV Setup

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Compiled by FacilitiesNet Staff

In today's security environment it makes sense to integrate access control systems with a CCTV setup. Pairing access control and CCTV systems helps generate smarter video data for the security system.

Consider, for example, an access control system that uses proximity cards. Without a CCTV system, someone who shouldn't have access to a building could get access by using a lost or stolen card. Though occupants may eventually notice intruders inside the buildings, the access control system itself wouldn't detect anything wrong.

Now consider the alternative: An access control system that is integrated with a CCTV system. Such a system would likely make use of IP video cameras, perhaps with sophisticated video analytics software.

An integrated access control and CCTV setup can be configured in a number of ways. One option is for the CCTV setup to record the entrance whenever employees use their proximity cards. Using video analytics, the camera system can determine whether the person using the card is actually the person authorized to use it. If not, the system can generate an alarm.

Rather than record and store hours of footage that can be tedious to search through, some facilities may also want to permanently log and store video from the entrances any time the access control system is activated.

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