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Maintenance & Operations

The Maintenance & Operations landing page for Facility Professionals.

Topics related to Maintenance & Operations

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Facility Maintenance Decisions
Commercial Drones Give Managers Eyes in the SkyPart one of a three-part article on commercial dronespart 2: Managers Strive to Learn Benefits of Drone Technologypart 3: Challenges and Costs Associated with Drone Technology


Facility Maintenance Decisions
Maximizing Maintenance: Assessing Non-Value Added ActivitiesPart one of a two-part article on maximizing maintenancepart 2: Reassessing of Preventive Maintenance Responsibilities Produces Huge Savings


Facility Maintenance Decisions
Managing Plusses, Minuses of Portable TechnologyPart one of a two-part article on managing portable technologypart 2: Consider Process When Utilizing Mobile Devices


Facility Maintenance Decisions
OSHA Update: Workplace Safety Changes for 2016Part one of a three-part article on OSHA updatespart 2: OSHA Revises Labeling and Signage Requirementspart 3: OSHA Revisions to Improve Regulatory Compliance


Facility Maintenance Decisions
OSHA: Standards, Systems and Safety


Facility Maintenance Decisions
Dan Hounsell: Finding Balance a Challenge for Maintenance Managers


Facility Maintenance Decisions
Roundtable: Managers Discuss Technician Training Strategies


Maintenance Alerts
New Standard Aims To Streamline Asset Management

NewsLiberty Building Forensics Group: The Incredible Predictability of Building Moisture and Mold Problems

Kemper System: Waterproofing System for Concrete on View at Las Vegas Conference

National Service Alliance: Group Lists 7 Business Trends and Predictions for Contract Cleaners in 2016

Viega: Company Showcases Industry's First Press Fitting Technology for Black Iron Pipe at AHR

Green Seal: Certifier Celebrating 15 Years of GS-37 Contributions

WaterSignal: Best Winter Practices for Preventing Burst Pipes

ASTM: New Standards Aim to Help with Building Facade Inspections, Including Drone Use

Lightower: Company Expands All-Fiber Network in Baltimore

CleanCore: 7 Tips for Introducing Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Systems to Cleaning Workers

Crown Matting Technologies: Do's and Don'ts of Cleaning Commercial Kitchen Mats

5 Minutes With Podcast: Social Media Mavens in Maryland School District

Facility Maintenance Decisions
5 Minutes With Podcast: Social Media Mavens in Maryland School District

Maintenance Alerts
OSHA Updating Safety and Health Management Guidelines

Safety Spotlight: Data Stress Risks Related to Maintenance

Federal Funds: U.S. Buildings Get Bottom-Line Boost

Quick Reads
Talking Points: Communications Key for Project Support

William Faulkner - Famed Author and Most-Famous Physical Plant Manager Ever?

NewsCintas Corporation: Eight Things to Clean Right Now to Prevent a Norovirus Outbreak

National Service Alliance: Why GPOs Benefit the Entire Professional Cleaning Industry

Inteplast: Trash Can Liner Audits Help Businesses Save Money, Improve Sustainability Practices

HC Info: Webcast to Discuss Configuring Water Plan to Comply with ASHRAE 188

PathoSans: Electrolyzed Water Cleaning Solution Certified Under Green Seal's GS-37 Standard

Carel: Company's HEOS Sistema Wins Prestigious Innovation Award for Refrigeration

National Service Alliance: Rules of Etiquette for Cleaning Open-Office Spaces

Western Specialty Contractors: Company Completes Complex Parking Garage Project at Peoria, Ill., Hospital

Apollo Safety: Company Launches Correctional Facility Division

Eckel Noise Control Technologies: Test Chamber Helps Bobcat Accelerate Design and Engineering