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Renewable, Energy Efficiency Markets Could Create Significant Job Growth

By CP Editorial Staff November 2007 - Energy Efficiency

A new report shows that "green collar" jobs could grow to become a significant part of the economy.

The report from the nonprofit American Solar Energy Society estimates that as many as 1 out of 4 workers in the U.S. will be working in the renewable energy or energy efficiency industries by 2030 According to the report, these industries already generate 8.5 million jobs in the U.S., and with appropriate public policy, could grow to as many as 40 million jobs by 2030.

“The green collar job boom is here,” said Neal Lurie, Director of Marketing of the American Solar Energy Society. “Renewable energy and energy efficiency are economic powerhouses.”

Key findings of the report include:
    •    By the year 2030, the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries could generate up to $4.5 trillion in revenue in the U.S., but only with the appropriate public policy, including a renewable portfolio standard, renewable energy incentives, public education, and R&D;
    •    The 40 million jobs that could be created in renewable energy and energy efficiency by 2030 are not just engineering-related, but also include millions of new jobs in manufacturing, construction, accounting, and management;
    •    Renewable energy and energy efficiency industries today generate nearly $1 trillion in revenue in the U.S. contributing more than $150 billion in tax revenue at the federal, state, and local levels;
    •    Revenue from the energy efficiency sector -- including from energy efficient windows, appliances, insulation, and recycling -- is currently larger than revenue from renewable energy, but the renewable energy industry is growing much more quickly;
    •    Solar, wind, ethanol, and fuel cells are likely to be some of the hottest areas of growth.


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