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Understanding the Preparedness Cycle

By Megan Marvil, P.E., and Jim Van de Voorde - March 2014 - Emergency Preparedness

Once institutional and commercial facilities create emergency-response plans, the plans require continuous re-evaluation and improvement. The preparedness cycle illustrates this concept. Throughout the preparedness process and its mission areas, maintenance and engineering departments should:

  • know the business, its mission, vision, and values — as well as the business continuity plans of supported clients — and align management capabilities to support them
  • know facility systems, focus on their criticalities, support the hierarchy of response, and remember to consider what-if scenarios
  • develop emergency operating procedures and ensure tools are in place so technicians can execute the procedures when required
  • enhance preparation for emergencies through education, training, and drills.

— Megan Marvil, P.E., and Jim Van de Voorde


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