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Case Study: Hotel Uses Wall Cladding to Promote Relaxed Luxury

Offering an urban beach getaway with a fresh view of New York City, The Rockaway Hotel stands six stories tall, clad in resilient RHEINZINK-prePATINA architectural zinc wall panels. Located just one block from Queens' Rockaway Beach, the hotel is part of the area's planned redevelopment following the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The boutique hotel welcomes visitors and residents seeking relaxed luxury and resort-worthy amenities in an inviting, accessible neighborhood hub. 

 The Rockaway Hotel encompasses 72,000 square feet for 46 guest rooms, seven residential units and more than 25,000 square feet of hospitality venues. These indoor and outdoor event spaces include the Harbor Room, Sun Deck, The Pool and The Rockaway Rooftop with views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Jamaica Bay and Brooklyn and Manhattan skylines. 

Working closely with the architectural team early in the hotel's conception, RHEINZINK and fabricator B&B Sheet Metal presented samples of RHEINZINK-prePATINA zinc's two colors: graphite-grey and blue-grey. These products are specially processed to achieve the natural, pre-weathered patina during production. Over time, their natural finish will continue to patina. 

For centuries, European buildings have relied on zinc's natural beauty, corrosion-resistant performance and proven longevity. Made in Germany, RHEINZINK's architectural zinc was introduced to North America in 1992. 

"Suitable for The Rockaway Hotel's coastal climate, RHEINZINK's material requires minimal maintenance and a potential lifespan 100 years or more. At the end of its use on the hotel, the natural zinc material is 100 percent recyclable," says Mike Dell'Olio, RHEINZINK's regional sales manager serving New York. "Throughout the hotel's lifespan, the zinc wall cladding's dynamic exterior appearance will evolve as formed by the Rockaways' unique local, coastal climate." 

Taking additional cues from the vertically joined and horizontally lapped siding on local neighborhood homes, the upper portion of the hotel showcases prePATINA graphite-grey zinc installed vertically and blue-grey installed horizontally on the lower, larger portion. Matching RHEINZINK materials also were used to wrap the hotel's outside corner posts, for the metal coping in the pool area and for the reveal around the windows. 

To ensure the intended aesthetic and weathertight performance for The Rockaway Hotel, B&B fabricated RHEINZINK-prePATINA zinc material into easily installed panel sizes. Nearly 7,000 square feet of 1mm graphite-grey was manufactured as 12-inch-wide panels with 1-inch-high ridges to create the continuous, corrugated effect. More than 13,600 square feet of blue-grey was cut to 8-inch-wide panels for the horizontal lapped look. 

Not only did B&B collaborate with RHEINZINK on the fabrication and samples, but it also provided the shop drawings and submittals to the architect. In addition, B&B's associates met on site with installing contractor Adamex Construction to ensure accurate field measurements and appropriate installation methods. 

Within, the interiors also were designed to reflect the spirit of the Rockaways. Adjmi Architects described these as "casual and approachable with a sense of lighthearted novelty. Open concept plans and honest materials like wood, concrete, and wicker were selected to cultivate a cool and comfortable environment. The lobby in particular was designed to nurture a slower pace, intended to function as a familiar living room where guests would be happy to hang out. Abundant live greenery was incorporated throughout to soften the ambiance and add natural vibrance to both indoor and exterior spaces."


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