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Indoor Air Quality Increasingly Important to Building Occupants: Survey

  February 16, 2022

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, air quality inside buildings was important to occupants, but probably not the highest priority for their workspace. That all changed in March 2020. 

Indoor air quality (IAQ) has emerged as one of the top concerns of building occupants, even to the point that employees consider it an important factor in choosing where to work.  

The results of a poll released this week by Honeywell show the impact that IAQ has on building occupants, and emphasizes the importance that facility managers must place on ensuring that their HVAC systems are exchanging the cleanest air possible. 

In a survey of U.S. office workers, only a third of the respondents felt like their workplace monitors IAQ continuously or often. The study was part of Honeywell’s “Workplace Air Quality: A Global Concern Emerges” report. 

The company’s second annual Healthy Buildings Survey polled 3,000 workers in buildings with 500-plus workers in a number of countries, including the U.S. 

Multiple IAQ concerns exist among U.S. workers, according to the poll. The results showed: 

  • 82 percent are more worried about IAQ given the rise of new COVID-19 variants 

  • 77 percent agree that indoor air is less healthy to breathe than outdoor air 

  • 65 percent say they’re ready to leave their job if their employer doesn’t take steps to create a healthier indoor environment 

  • 55 percent say it’s very or extremely important to be kept informed about the air quality in their buildings 

  • 47 percent rarely or never receive IAQ updates from their employers 



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