CMMS, Building IoT and the Age of Data

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By Heather Frame

There is an increasing trend to drive the management of equipment through automation, and the Building Internet of Things is affecting the way maintenance and engineering managers specify and use maintenance management software to achieve this goal.

Sensors for specific data collection are just an example of how technology is a big help to monitor values in real time. Notifications of failures and the ability for assets to monitor themselves can help with required resources in a lean workforce.

Each failure has the ability to create a work order with very specific, step-by-step instructions. They can even be automatically dispatched to a mobile workforce to reduce any downtime recorded on the assets and potentially lower overall maintenance costs Another major trend in the growth and advancement of maintenance software is the ability to collect and analyze data. Maintenance managers want to capture critical data for making asset management decisions while saving money.

The future is also likely to see the furthering of mobile technology and system integrations, both of which help managers make decisions in real time and help organizations with regulatory compliance.

Heather Frame is marketing lead with Maintenance Connection

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