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International Development Research Council (IDRC) - Resource for Facility Managers


35 Technology Park/Atlanta, Suite 150
Norcross, GA 30092-8895
Telephone: 770-446-8955
Fax: 770-263-8825
E-mail: barbara.trent@conway.com
Web Site Address: www.sitenet.com/idrcnet/

IDRC'S Mission Statement
The International Development Research Council is a global professional association dedicated to:

  1. Advancing corporate real estate as a fundamental resource for achieving business goals.
  2. Continuous improvement of corporate processes that integrate occupancy strategy, workplace productivity and real asset management with core business strategies.
  3. Providing leading-edge research, education and leadership programs that enable corporate real estate executives to excel as members of the corporate management team.


  • Advanced Leasing Techniques
  • Alternative Officing
  • Build to Suit
  • Client/Server Computing (IMA)
  • Construction Contracts
  • Finance I
  • Linking Corporate Strategies
  • Managing Corporate Real Estate in the 1990s
  • Multi-Media & Database Information Management
  • Strategic Alliances: Partnership in CRE
  • Real Estate as Economic Value Driver
  • Real Estate Computer Basics
  • Real Estate Resources: Internet & On-line Services
  • The Model Approach

In-House Programs
IDRC also has an In-House Program to provide education courses at your corporate facility or selected site.

IDRC also hold conferences throughout the year. For more information contact IDRC at the Web site or e-mail address noted above.