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Building Automation predictions from IMS Research for 2012 - Resource for Facility Managers

Building Automation and the cloud
IMS Research predicts the two main forms of cloud based building automation solutions will be hosted building management software (BMS) and cloud based active management analytics.

Energy Efficiency Focus With greater emphasis on improving energy efficiency, 2012 could see energy savings becoming a standard key performance indicator for facility management service companies. Rather than pay a management company purely on the size of the property, payments based on energy consumption performance could become more common. Analysing real time data on the building can highlight energy waste and ensure efforts are made towards a more efficient performance.

Motion detection
Video surveillance being used in conjunction with HVAC systems to aid with maintenance or detection of water leaks. MS Research estimated that there was over 2.1 million air quality and occupation sensors sold in building automation systems in 2011. Although this number is forecast to grow, there will likely be an increased use of security cameras in building automation systems over the next 12 months