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Zenitel U.S. Announces Intercom Module Kit for High Definition Voice Audio

Zenitel AS, a global leader and supplier of the STENTOFON® brand of security communication systems, is pleased to announce their latest development, the new TKIS-2 Intercom Module Kit that will allow anyone to offer exceptional HD audio quality where required. 

The number one complaint regarding voice audio in the security industry is how poor audio quality effects everything from providing a more secure and safe environment, to critical mistakes and inefficiencies due to inadequate communications.


STENTOFON's latest development, the new TKIS-2 Intercom Module, will allow HD audio quality for any environment. The TKIS-2 device attaches to any existing indoor or outdoor enclosure, allowing you to easily and effectively build your own intercom station. One of its many uses, as an example, is utilizing it as a parking communication solution for vehicle entry, exit gates, pay-on-foot machines and emergency help points in a parking garage.


TKIS-2 Features:

HD Voice Quality, Open Duplex, Active Noise Cancellation, Automatic Volume Adjustment, Electret Microphone Support, and a 10W Class D Amplifier.


Primary Usage for TKIS-2 Intercom Module:

PA Interface - Allows simple connection to new or existing PA systems


IP Station Kit - Create your own IP substation to adapt to existing faceplates currently in use


Speaker Amplifier - Connect an 8 ohm speaker and you now have 10 watts of clear audio power


TKIS-2 Compatible Systems:

SIP PBX - TKIS-2 can be used with literally any SIP server


STENTOFON Pulse - Serverless Systems


STENTOFON AlphaCom XE Servers - Enterprise System


About Zenitel


Zenitel, a global leader in providing critical communications for demanding environments, is widely recognized for its STENTOFON® and VINGTOR® brand of communication systems. Systems are designed to seamlessly interface with other security devices including CCTV and access control for a comprehensive security solution.


Serving the shipping industry, VINGTOR Marine is one of the world's largest suppliers of onboard critical communications for ships and seafaring vessels. Zenitel's corporate headquarters are based in Norway with subsidiaries in the USA, France, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Singapore and China. For more information, please visit: www.stentofon.com

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