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Xcluder Joint Sealing Kit

Xcluder® is expanding its line of rodent-proofing offerings with the launch of the Xcluder Joint Sealing Kit, designed to quickly and effectively seal or re-seal gaps in concrete joints that may be susceptible to rodent and pest intrusion. The Joint Sealing Kit is the latest addition to Xcluder’s premier collection of rodent-proofing solutions that offer pest management professionals, maintenance professionals and homeowners peace-of-mind against rodents and other pests.

Engineered concrete joints, including contraction, construction and isolation joints, can widen over time due to concrete shrinkage, foundation settling and seasonal temperature cycles. When these joints expand, the original joint seals often split. Standard joint seals and foam backing are not designed to withstand the gnawing power of rodents. Mice can fit through a one-quarter inch opening and rats can squeeze through a three-quarter inch opening, so unprotected joints can easily be exploited by rodents and other pests to burrow under the slab and tunnel throughout a home or building. Extensive burrowing can then lead to costly structural damage.

The Xcluder Joint Sealing Kit features three 1” x 48” strips of Xcluder Fill Fabric - the only exclusion product on the market tested and proven effective by the USDA APHIS Lab - and a tube of premium, non-priming, elastomeric polyurethane sealant. The Xcluder strip is pressed into the gap with a putty knife or screwdriver and covered with the provided sealant, quickly and effectively sealing the gap and preventing rodents from burrowing through.

Unlike steel wool and copper that corrode, Xcluder‘s patented blend of stainless steel and polyfiber will not rust or decompose over time. The sharp, coarse fibers cannot be gnawed through by even the most tenacious pests, creating a safe and permanent solution. Each Xcluder Joint Sealing Kit can protect up to twelve feet of a one-half inch wide gap, and is available at www.buyxcluder.com.

Rodents have been heavily linked to asthma and transport fleas, lice, and ticks. They carry diseases including rat bite fever, hantavirus - a potentially deadly virus on the rise in some parts of the country - leptospirosis, salmonellosis and others. Their constant shedding, defecating and urinating, along with an aggressive reproductive rate, mean a colony of rodents can contaminate everything in their wake at an astounding speed. Safeguarding buildings and homes to keep rodents out is fundamental to protecting the health and safety of the people inside.

Xcluder Fill Fabric is made in America and contains no harsh chemicals. It is safe to use around people, animals, plants and food. More information about the Xcluder Joint Sealing Kit - product number 162460 - and Xcluder’s entire line of innovative rodent-proofing products is available at www.buyxcluder.com.

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