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World Health Day Promotes Sanitation and Hygiene

Sloan, a manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, recognizes and embraces the World Health Organization’s (WHO) efforts as World Health Day approaches on April 7.

The sponsoring organization of the annual day of global health awareness, the WHO — like Sloan — places an emphasis on the importance of water conservation, with a priority on sanitation and hygiene. Through its water-saving, hands-free commercial restroom products, Sloan is working to elevate the restroom as part of the solution to these worldwide issues.

“At Sloan, we strive to alleviate the burden that commercial restroom fixtures place on water consumption and promote hygienic best practices for the end user,” says Patrick Boyle, director of corporate sustainability. “We’re proud to align those goals with that of the World Health Organization as we celebrate World Health Day in April.”

In addition to its efficient and hygienic products, Sloan’s recent continuing education course that ran in ARCHITECT’s October edition highlighted how infection-causing disease organisms can be spread by touching contaminated fixtures and surfaces and/or by not practicing good hygiene which is a leading cause of the approximate 1.7 million healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that plague healthcare facilities each year.

But through specifying sensor-based faucets and flushometers, healthcare facilities use an estimated one gallon less water per activation (for faucets) while also eliminating the use of handles, traditionally a breeding ground for germs. Sloan recently examined this issue in its white paper, “Perception of Faucets Role in Healthcare Infection Control Strategy.”

Sloan features a variety of products that achieve both of those goals; from the hands-free sensor operation of the ECOS® flushometer with dual or single-flush options designed to reduce water volume by up to 30 percent, to Sloan’s innovative line of hands-free 0.35 gallons per minute (gpm) flow rate faucets that are 30 percent lower than the industry standard of 0.5 gpm.

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